Piers Morgan Says Donald Trump Should Be “Whacked”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Television news figure and commentator Piers Morgan, formerly a friend of President Donald Trump, inaccurately claimed in a Daily Mail op-ed on January 4 that President Donald Trump should “face serious criminal charges” and is the perpetrator of election corruption.

Has this guy lost the plot?

Starting his piece sarcastically, Morgan said that he owes a “humble and sincere apology” to the president.

“He was right all along. There HAS been absolutely appalling corruption surrounding the 2020 US Election,” he said.

“There’s just one problem for the man in the White House who’s been screaming about the corruption: the perpetrator of it…is President Donald J. Trump,” he inaccurately claimed.

Morgan dismissed the reality of fraud that took place in the 2020 presidential election, which came in many different forms.

In Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and New Mexico, data analyst Matt Braynard recorded tens of thousands of illegal voters and documented them all in a spreadsheet.

In Pennsylvania, hundreds of thousands of votes were counted without being observed by Republican poll watchers, and without signatures being properly verified.

Despite this, Morgan dismissed these very real concerns as the President throwing his “toys out of the stroller” since election day, complaining that he is “whining and bleating in a way that would embarrass even the most spoiled of babies.”

Is Morgan just trying to butter up Joe Biden under the impression that he’ll be the next president and Trump is no longer of any use to him?

“But that dismay turned to genuine horror and fury when the Washington Post dropped their bombshell leaked tape yesterday in which he can be heard trying to put the arm on Georgia’s secretary of state Brad Raffensperger and governor Brian Kemp like some mafia mob boss,” he continued.

Morgan referenced an audio clip, highly edited and clipped, in which the president rips into Raffensperger for not taking election fraud seriously. The audio was clipped in such a way by the Post that it appeared as though the president wanted Raffensperger and Kemp to simply “find” votes and grant him a win, with no full clip being released.

Morgan also said that the president, like a mob boss, needs to be “whacked” by decent Republicans.

“It’s time for leading Republicans to remind themselves that their first duty is to the American people, say ‘ENOUGH!’ and whack their boss,” he said.

But what “decent” Republican could ignore overwhelming and damning evidence of electoral fraud?