Photos Reveal Putin Is Building Up Troops

( Satellite images depicting the Ukraine-Russia border released by Maxar Technologies on Thursday appear to prove that concerns about an imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces are by no means exaggerated. It’s very real, and the images show how several new military deployments have been made across the region.

The images show how over a 24 hour period, over 550 troops tents and hundreds of military vehicles were deployed to the Oktyabrskoye airfield in Crimea – the Ukrainian territory that was annexed by Russia in 2014. Troops were also deployed to the region, and artillery deployments were made to Novoozernoye, where training activity has been witnessed taking place in recent weeks.

Images also show how troops and military vehicles have been deployed to Belarus, only 15 miles away from the Ukrainian border.

In the western region of Russia, large numbers of troops were also sent to the Kursk training area, which is less than 70 miles away from the Ukrainian border.

Russia already had around 100,000 troops stationed on the border with Ukraine, and that number appears to be increasing.

According to a report by Reuters, retired U.S. lieutenant general Ben Hodges said that the images – which you can see here – don’t mean that there will necessarily be an attack. However, the sources did say that Russia would not execute an invasion of Ukraine without this kind of military presence right on the border.

Three anonymous American officials also told Reuters that the build-up of troops and supplies on the border could also be used to help treat wounded troops, with large amounts of medical equipment and tools also reportedly being deployed to the border.