Pfizer Is Paying For Democrat Conference

( The floundering Florida Democrat Party is holding its annual leadership conference this weekend in Tampa. Among the groups sponsoring the event are the usual suspects like ActBlue, Black Lives Matter, and the AFL-CIO.

Interestingly, Pfizer is also a sponsor.

Is there anything in the country Pfizer won’t slap its sponsorship on?

The Florida Democrat Party is on life-support. Maybe Pfizer isn’t the best sponsor for a party with that kind of pre-existing condition.

Then again, with Florida under Republican control and run by a pro-freedom, anti-mandate governor like Ron DeSantis, can you blame Pfizer for picking sides?

The Democrat Party has been very good to the Big Pharma outfit. Pfizer knows a Democrat-controlled Florida would be a financial boost to the company. Governor DeSantis has refused to implement a vaccine mandate which directly impacts Pfizer’s bottom line.

But let’s be honest here. Pfizer is wasting its money.

The number of Floridians who have registered Republican now outnumbers registered Democrats by nearly 200,000, doubling the lead Republicans held in March.

When Ron DeSantis was elected in 2018, the number of registered Democrats exceeded registered Republicans by over 250,000.

Since 2008, the Republicans have a net gain of 892,678 Florida registered voters, going from a Democrat advantage of 694,147 in 2008 to a Republican advantage of 198,531 this year.

In the last election year, Democrats still outnumbered Republicans in Florida by 134,142 registered voters.

That kind of radical shift in trajectory spells doom for the state’s Democrat Party.

Do the Florida Democrats really think getting a polarizing company like Pfizer to co-sponsor their “leadership conference” is going to change that trajectory?

If anything, it sends a clear signal to Floridians, and the rest of the country for that matter, that Pfizer is picking sides in Florida politics the same way Disney tried to.

Ultimately, that kind of message won’t do much to instill confidence in the pharmaceutical giant or in the Democrat administration that has been pushing its vaccine for the last 18 months.