Pennsylvania Woman’s Daughter Missing After Losing Both Sons

A grieving mother of three who tragically lost her two boys is pleading with the public for assistance in locating her missing daughter, who has been gone for more than six weeks.

According to Sue Quackenbush, 63, her 37-year-old daughter Danielle Lopez went missing on April 13 under mysterious circumstances. She was last seen at a Wawa store in Vincentown, New Jersey, at 4 Route 72, at around 9:10 a.m.

After losing her older son, Eric, to suicide on Christmas Day 2015 and her younger son, Michael, a Marine, in a car accident in Florida ten months later, Quackenbush is now dealing with the enigmatic disappearance of her daughter.

Danielle Lopez was caring for Sue Quackenbush’s grandpa until his death from COVID-19 in 2020, according to Quackenbush, a resident of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Her father, who was married to Sue, died of a heart attack around one month after his dad died.

Earlier this week, Sue Quackenbush made a heartfelt plea for assistance on Facebook, describing the latest “unimaginable” tragedy to befall her family. With Lopez’s abduction, she is on the verge of losing all three of her children.

On Wednesday, the New Jersey State Police discovered her disabled 2008 blue Hyundai Accent around thirteen miles away on Lost Lane Road in Penn State Forest, Woodland Township.

Quackenbush is still confused about Lopez’s whereabouts despite the fact that her car was discovered the day she vanished. According to the mother, the police have been vague and have given her little confidence that her daughter would be found safely.

Although Quackenbush claims her daughter didn’t behave as though she was in imminent danger, she still thinks someone was with Lopez when CCTV footage showed her exiting the Wawa.

As she faces yet another trial, Quackenbush is relying on her faith, even in the face of the dismal news.

Quackenbush mentioned that a Facebook page named The Pine Barrens is helping with the hunt and that anybody interested in volunteering may contact them.