Pence Attacks Trump After Jan 6. Indictment Drops

A war of words between Donald Trump and Mike Pence has erupted as Pence strengthens his rhetoric against his former boss. In the wake of the latest federal charges against Trump, Pence said, “Today’s indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States.”

The former Vice President referred to his previous claim that Trump disregarded the US Constitution when he asked him to reject the 2020 Presidential election result on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. On the other hand, Trump insists that Pence did not understand what he was being asked and didn’t understand his own powers.

“I feel badly for Mike Pence, who is attracting no crowds, enthusiasm, or loyalty from people who, as a member of the Trump Administration, should be loving him. He didn’t fight against election fraud,” Mr. Trump said.

Following his third indictment in Washington, DC, on August 3, when the former President pleaded not guilty on four federal counts, including defrauding the United States and obstructing an official proceeding, Pence spoke to journalists and told them that Trump didn’t ask him to pause the proceedings on Capitol Hill but to stop them altogether.

On the morning of January 6, Trump called upon Pence to refuse to perform the ceremonial role of confirming Biden’s victory. His rejection of Trump’s request upset many of the President’s supporters. On social media, Trump now says, “I never told a newly emboldened (not based on his 2% poll numbers!) Pence to put me above the Constitution.” He also accused Mr. Pence of betrayal, saying, “WOW, it’s finally happened! Liddle’ Mike Pence, a man about to be ousted as Governor Indiana until I came along and made him VP, has gone to the Dark Side.”

At an election event in New Hampshire, Pence arrived to heckles from Trump supporters asking why he failed to uphold the Constitution. The former Vice President responded that he had, and advised hecklers to “read it.”