Pelosi’s PAC Endorsement Just Made A Lot Of Democrats Mad

( Democrats are all set to pick up an additional seat in the House of Representatives, following Oregon gaining another seat following the results of the 2020 census.

However, despite being all but guaranteed that seat, liberals are apparently not aligned on who would make the best fit for that seat.

Just this week, six Democratic candidates who are running for the seat in the newly-created district have publicly condemned a super PAC that is affiliated with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for picking favorites.

There are nine candidates in the Democratic Party running for the 6th congressional district seat in the House, and six of them issued a statement on Tuesday that slammed the House Majority PAC for its decision to spend more than $1 million to promote Carrick Flynn for the seat.

Those six candidates were joined by some Latino Congress members as well as other progressives in the statement.

Flynn is a first-time candidate who doesn’t have a lot of notoriety. In addition to the $1 million he received from Pelosi’s super PAC, he also got roughly $5 million from Sam Bankman-Fried, a crypto billionaire.

The joint statement was issued by candidates Matt West, Cody Reynolds, Loretta Smith, Teresa Alonso Leon, Kathleen Harder and Andrea Salinas. In their statement, they said:

“We strongly condemn House Majority PAC’s unprecedented and inappropriate decision to spend nearly a million dollars in this Democratic primary.”

The candidates said the super PAC “should not be spending resources to divide Democrats. We call on House Majority PAC to actually stand by our party’s values and let the voters of Oregon decide who their Democratic nominee will be.”

Typically speaking, the House Majority PAC spends its funds to help support Democratic candidates in their fight against Republicans in races that are expected to be tightly-contested. In this case, though, they decided to back a specific Democratic candidate in an upcoming primary, rather than a general election against a Republican.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reported that some of the $1 million total was allocated for future spending in the general election against the GOP candidate. That being said, the super PAC did spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising in the Portland region.

Despite the pushback, the super PAC defended its spending. The communications director for the group, CJ Warnke, said in a statement:

“House Majority PAC is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to secure a Democratic House Majority in 2022, and we believe supporting Carrick Flynn is a step towards accomplishing that goal … [Flynn is] a strong, forward-looking son of Oregon.”

Salinas, who is a state representative in Oregon, is considered the front-runner for the nomination. Even so, she’s only been able to raise $520,000 for her campaign thus far.

That pales in comparison to the millions that Flynn has brought in. But, what seems to be bothering the other Democratic primary candidates the most is the fact that Flynn’s money is coming from out-of-state sources.

Some have even referred to him as a “phantom candidate,” as he hasn’t been on the campaign trail much at all.