Pelosi’s Commission Just Backed Down From Certain Requests

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ultra-partisan committee that claims to be investigating the “origins” of the so-called violent insurrection on January 6 has gone too far – and even the Biden administration thinks so.

The House committee has begun withdrawal requests for some Trump-era White House documents after the Biden administration stepped in and said that they were going too far.

According to left-wing news outlet CNN, the committee is no longer looking to obtain hundreds of pages of documents from the National Security Council – but they’re also claiming that they don’t think the documents would have been very helpful for their “investigation” anyway.

It comes after Biden’s White House attorney Jonathan Su said in December that the documents have “no content that might be material to the Select Committee’s investigation.”

It’s unclear why exactly the Biden administration wouldn’t want the committee to turn over every single stone, given how obsessed they are with smearing former President Donald Trump, but it could be an indication that the Biden administration doesn’t want to set a precedent that may hurt them in the future.

If they can obtain anything they want based on spurious claims, then imagine what the Republicans could do when they take back control of the House and the Senate.

This is the first instance in which the Democrats have backed off in their hyper-partisan investigation into the Republicans and the so-called “Insurrection” – and it may not be the last one at this point.