Pelosi Wants To Spend Even MORE Federal Money

( Imagine a self-help book written by Nancy Pelosi, and one of the chapters is about how to negotiate your salary when you’re offered a job.

You sit across the desk and you ask for $50,000, but the employer balks and says they can only offer $35,000. You ask for a moment to consider and go out to the waiting room. If you’ve read Nancy’s book, your next move is to go back in and, inexplicably, demand $100,000.

This is exactly what Pelosi just did with the emergency Covid-19 relief funding.

Joe Biden originally asked congress for $22.5 billion. The republicans balked and counter-offered $15.6 billion.

Pelosi went out into the waiting room with Joe and then advised Biden to go back in and ask for $45 billion. Yes. That happened.

In the game of trying to arrive at the figure you secretly always wanted, most books would tell you the first offer should be the gargantuan one. If you wanted $22.5 billion, maybe you start with the $45 billion figure.

The problem was, however, Pelosi was never happy with the $22.5 billion request. She said it was “too small with which to work.” That amount, she said, only gets them halfway through the year.

“What I’ve said to the administration is … you must ask for more,” Pelosi lamented.

For the speaker, the spigot never is turned off, the printing press never stops rolling.

The GOP wanted all Covid relief to be paid for upon arrival. They wanted spending cuts in other areas of the budget to take care of the bill, and It was delivered that way, but the democrats killed it because it would be paid for by recovering $7 billion in funds that were previously given to the states.

Pelosi, meanwhile, agreed that the relief package should be, indeed, paid for, but still wanted it to be double what was originally requested.
“We want it to be bipartisan; we need it to be paid for. And so, let’s just go for a bigger chunk, “ Pelosi said.

Pelosi often says her proposals are “paid for,” but offers little insight as to how.

You just have to trust her.

Maybe buy her self-help book on trusting the government?