Pelosi Wants Media To Blacklist Donald Trump

Last Tuesday, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appeared on MSNBC’s “The Reid Out” where she argued that the media should stop giving former President Trump all the attention he craves.

When discussing Trump’s angry response to the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation into the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, host Joy Reid griped about politicians and media outlets giving Trump “all the press he wants” by covering his tantrums over the case.

Pelosi brought up the January 6 Capitol riot, saying rioters assaulted the “pillar of democracy to the world” at the direction of Donald Trump, whom she called a “very sick person.”

She said too much time is spent talking about Trump when it was more important to talk about the future.

Calling Trump “a real taint on our democracy,” Pelosi expressed dismay at the possibility that Trump could be nominated again and said the media should stop giving him “all the press he wants.”

She explained that Trump didn’t even know he would be indicted when he claimed he was getting arrested on March 21. And despite that, the media continued to report on what he was saying, giving him “exactly what he wanted.” She said it is better to put Trump aside and “go into the future.”

Pelosi also attacked Trump supporters, saying that while they might be patriots, many of them are still bigots and racists.

Reid also asked the former speaker what advice she had for those who are “frustrated by our politics” and how she would convince them not to vote based on how politics may “impact your religion” but on how politics will “impact your life.”

Pelosi shared a quote from John F. Kennedy who said that it wasn’t the religion he believes that is important, but what kind of America he believes in. She said that is the message she thinks Democrats should take to the American people.