Pelosi Says She’ll Get $1.75 Trillion Plan Resolved By The End Of The Day

( If far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was telling the truth on Tuesday, then she should have completed the text of President Joe Biden’s extremist $1.75 trillion economic agenda by now.

On Tuesday, Pelosi said that she aimed to finalize the text that very night and that it would likely go to a vote later this week.

“I’m not announcing a vote, but I did say that will be this could be resolved by the end of the day,” told reporters.

Later that day, a lot of other interesting things happened, too. Republicans saw sweeping victories in local elections across the country, taking huge numbers of Democrat seats and even winning the Virginia gubernatorial race.

That must have taken the wind out of Pelosi’s sail…

Pelosi is pushing ahead with the agenda even though she can’t even get her own party’s members of Congress completely on board with the plan. Moderate liberal Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have still refused to get behind the Biden agenda, effectively stalling any legislative plans that the Democrats have.

On Tuesday morning, however, Manchin indicated that there might be a way forward for Democrats. He said that they will “get this back on track” and that the White House understands what concerns he wants them to work through.

Meanwhile, Democrats are still debating about key parts of the proposed plan, including a measure to cut the price of prescription drugs and changing the local tax deduction rules.

Moderate House Democrats have not threatened to block the vote, but it’s unclear what will happen if Pelosi does try and push the legislation through the chamber this week.