Pelosi Says She Has No Intention Of Abandoning Democrats’ New Agenda

( Jesse Kelly, the host of The First TV’s “I’m Right” often praises Nancy Pelosi’s “never-say-die” attitude. Not because Kelly likes her, but because Republicans could learn a lot from how Pelosi never backs down, never walks back, and never lets social media outrage knock her off track.

As loathsome as she is, it is undeniable Pelosi is a force of nature. Unlike her Republican counterparts, she doesn’t shrink in fear of controversy or surrender after a set-back. To Jesse Kelly’s thinking, if Republicans held fast the way Nancy Pelosi does, they would be unstoppable because, unlike Pelosi, Republicans are more likely to pursue an agenda that has broad support among the American people.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, Speaker Pelosi made it clear that she has no plans on backing down on President Biden’s massive, unrealistic infrastructure plans. And despite the negotiated framework developed by the bipartisan group of ten Senators last week that would limit any infrastructure bill to actual infrastructure, Nancy will go full speed ahead on the kooky “everything that advances the far-Left agenda is infrastructure” plan the radical Democrats prefer.

“Child care,” “home health care” and “paid medical leave” are not by any stretch of the imagination “infrastructure.” But when has using words accurately been a priority among Democrats? These are the same people can’t bring themselves to use the word “mother” to describe a human being that gives birth to a child because it isn’t “inclusive” enough.

But this is what Democrats do. Instead of passing an actual budget, they lump together disparate spending packages that benefit their preferred constituencies into one gigantic spending bill that also happens to include something vital that everybody agrees on. Then they demagogue any Republican who objects to the garbage surrounding the vital spending as being opposed to the vital spending itself.

It’s precisely what they did with the most recent COVID “Relief” bill.

Only about ten percent of that “COVID Relief” spending actually went to “COVID Relief.” The rest was payouts to preferred groups. And any Republican who objected to the massive add-on spending was demonized as not wanting to give much-needed “COVID Relief” to the American people.

It’s a tried and true tactic that Nancy and the Democrats use every single time.

And until Republicans take Jesse Kelly’s advice and use some of Nancy’s tactics against her, the Republicans will fall for it every time.