Pelosi Refuses To Talk About Unborn Babies On Camera When Asked

( Abortion is a real tricky issue for some Democrats – particularly veteran Democrats who are still fairly new to the radical thinking of new members of their party.

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proved this to be true, refusing to discuss the topic and not answering a question about whether an unborn child is technically a human being at 15 weeks.

How is this a hard question to answer?

A CNS News reporter asked Pelosi, who identifies as a Catholic, whether she believes an unborn child at fifteen weeks is a human being. The question was a reference to a legal challenge that is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court soon.

Pelosi refused to answer the question and just said that she would say she is a “big supporter” of Roe v. Wade – meaning that she supports abortion and believes it is a “right” that should not be denied to women. She added that she is the mother of five children and that she has “some standing” on the issue with what she called a woman’s “right to choose.”

A right to choose to murder an unborn 15-week-old child?

The CNS News reporter wasn’t happy with the answer and continued to press Pelosi on the question, but she ignored the question and just moved on to answer other questions.

It’s hard to know what Pelosi believes. Maybe she does believe that an unborn child of that age is a human and she doesn’t think killing that child is unethical. Perhaps she believes it is unethical but doesn’t want to anger people in her party.

Or perhaps she doesn’t believe that an unborn child after 15 weeks is a human being at all.

Who knows?