Pelosi Just Put National Security At Risk From China

( Both Chinese officials and officials from the Biden administration agree on one thing. None of them is particularly happy with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s possible plan to visit Taiwan.

According to CNN, some officials in the Biden administration are warning that such a high-profile visit from a US lawmaker could make a tense situation even worse.

An official who spoke with CNN warned that China may seek to declare a no-fly zone over the area to prevent Pelosi’s visit.

While other lawmakers have visited Taiwan in recent months, Pelosi would be the highest-ranking lawmaker to travel to Taiwan since former Speaker Newt Gingrich traveled there in 1997.

China opposes Pelosi’s planned trip and its foreign ministry has cautioned against such a high-profile visit.

Last Tuesday, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian blasted Pelosi’s planned Taiwan visit, arguing that it would “seriously violate” Beijing’s one-China policy and harm China’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Zhao warned that Pelosi’s visit would also damage relations between the United States and China.

When asked about Pelosi’s travel plans last week, President Biden cited concerns from the Pentagon that the visit wouldn’t be a good idea.

Joint Chiefs spokesman Col. Dave Butler declined to say whether General Mark Milley has spoken with the Speaker about her proposed visit.

Last Thursday, Pelosi refused to discuss the planned trip but told reporters that it was important to show support for Taiwan.

While State Department spokesman Ned Price refused to answer questions about Pelosi’s Big Taiwan Adventure in last week’s press briefing, unnamed sources told CNN that some State Department officials have voiced concerns.

Price told reporters last Thursday that the Biden administration continues to adhere to its “one China” policy and reiterated that the United States does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

According to CNN, a spokeswoman from Taiwan’s official DC office (it has no embassy) said Taiwan hasn’t received any information about a planned visit from Speaker Pelosi.