Pelosi Erupts After Learning Trump’s Plan To Run In 2024

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) declined to comment on how former President Donald Trump’s 2020 choice may affect Democrats in November.

“Is his name ever mentioned? Would I spend my time talking about him?” she said during her Thursday’s monthly news briefing in Washington.

Pelosi said she doesn’t guess who’s running in 2024 and that it’s up to the Republicans to determine what effect it may have on them.

We know that when people vote, women vote, and their causes win. So that’s it, Pelosi said.

According to a New York Times survey, Trump’s probable run in 2024 comes as young Democrat supporters turn against President Joe Biden.

Inflation and increasing gas costs hurt Americans’ wallets four months before the 2022 elections. But, Pelosi says her party has “no intention” of losing in November.

“We’re ready.” We’re strong. She remarked, “We have outstanding candidates.”

Pelosi said that our country’s in danger and democracy is threatened, and the left campaigns on problems affecting America’s working families.

Trump told New York Magazine he had decided to run for president in 2024 but hadn’t announced it yet. He’s mulled whether to make his choice before or after the 2022 midterms.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a popular prospect for the Republican nomination, but he hasn’t announced his candidacy.

Trump will travel to Washington on July 25 to deliver the keynote speech at the American First Agenda Summit. Event topics include election integrity, border security, cutting gas costs, providing peace “through strength,” opposing government corruption, and parental control in education.

Analysts and pollsters say that left-wing news sources and Democrat voters are losing support for Biden. A June Gallop poll found that Biden’s job approval rating and “three other major national mood indicators” were “far below the historical averages” for midterm election years. Gallup said these findings imply a greater-than-average loss of Democratic seats this autumn.

Only 25% of Democrat voters support Biden as the 2024 contender, according to a July 11 New York Times poll.

Democrat strategist Jessica Tarlov told Fox News on July 10 that she wasn’t “hopeful” about Biden’s popularity rating.

“Gas prices are down, but inflation remains high, and the study indicates Americans are worried about the economy. Another Fed rate rise is coming, which won’t help voters short-term.

It sounds like Pelosi is whistling past the graveyard.