Pelosi Doesn’t Have Enough Votes To Block Key Bill, Report Finds

( Moderate Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick revealed on Monday that there may just be enough GOP votes for the “bipartisan” $1.2 trillion infrastructure package to overcome efforts by far-left Democrats to block the legislation.

It comes as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempts to force Republicans into accepting a second $3.5 trillion spending package – that contains provisions for a number of far-left social spending programs – before allowing a vote to go ahead on the original package.

Pelosi and other far-left Democrats had intended to reuse to allow the bill to go to a vote unless Republicans supported the second spending bill, but Fitzpatrick said that centrists from both parties are attempting to get past the bipartisanship and force a singular vote on the $1.2 trillion package.

Fitzpatrick, who is also the co-chairman of the House Problem Solvers Caucus, warned that “moderate” Republicans may turn away from the compromise infrastructure package if it is delayed by the Democrats or tied to the second spending plan – and that Republicans will oppose efforts to pass it through budget reconciliation that allows the Senate to pass extremist policies through a simple majority vote.

Speaking to Fox News, Fitzpatrick said that if the bipartisan infrastructure package is “stand-alone,” then there will be “significant Republican support.”

After nine moderate Democrats came forward and said that they opposed efforts by Pelosi and their party to tie the two packages together, it was revealed that Pelosi went in hard against them in a caucus call on Monday night. Pelosi said that she wasn’t swayed by their threat to vote against the budget resolution and told them that it is “no time for amateur hour.”

Pelosi is clearly not happy. How could she be? She is the most partisan House Speaker in American history and members of her own party are standing in their way.

At least there are some sane Democrats left…