Pelosi Attacker Had Zip Ties

( In its endless quest to link the drug-addicted nudist who attacked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul to former President Trump’s so-called “violent rhetoric,” the media reported last week that when David DePape entered Pelosi’s San Francisco home, in addition to the hammer, he had a bag containing duct tape and multiple zip ties.

The headline at one outlet red, “Paul Pelosi’s Alleged Attacker Reportedly Carried Zip Ties in Jan. 6 Echo, AP Source Says.”

“In Jan 6 Echo.”

Oh, for heaven’s sake.

Do you know who else had zip ties on him? The guy who flew from California to Maryland to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The media also made hay over DePape asking Paul Pelosi, “Where’s Nancy?”

This, they reported while clutching their pearls, was the exact same thing the “Insurrectionists” were “chanting” as they stormed the Capitol.

It’s probably safe to say many people over the years have asked “Where’s Nancy?” Paul Pelosi has probably asked that question from time to time in the nearly 60 years the Pelosis have been married.

But when the media thinks it’s a hammer, everything is a nail.

Even President Biden repeated the laughable claim that DePape was “chanting” the same thing the “Insurrectionists” did on January 6.

The entire media narrative about this attack is, on its face, laughable.

They really want the public to believe that a nudist-loving, drug-addicted Canadian illegal alien who was living in a camper van outside of a so-called “Hippie Collective” in far-Left Berkeley, California is some kind of MAGA hat-wearing, Trump-supporting, QAnon rightwing terrorist.

As Hail Marys go, this one is a bit lame.

The Democrats and the media know Republicans are about to clean their clocks and they truly believe that this laughable narrative will stop the bleeding.

The whole thing stinks of desperation.

On Tuesday, DePape pleaded not guilty to all state charges. He is also facing federal charges.