Pedophile Activist Attacks ‘Sounds Of Freedom’ In Hit Piece

According to a report, a former spokesperson for the pedophile support organization Prostasia published a Bloomberg attack on the recently released anti-child trafficking film “Sound of Freedom.”

In 2021, Noah Berlatsky was the director of communication for Prostasia, which called itself a novel type of child protection organization that fights stigma against minor-attracted people (MAP).  The Washington Post republished Berlatsky’s Saturday Bloomberg opinion piece.

Berlatsky, a longtime NBC contributor, criticized “Sound of Freedom,” which conservatives have praised since its debut last month. Based on an actual incident, a federal agent rescues a pair of siblings from child trafficking. The faith-based studio that produced the series “The Chosen” created the film, which stars Jim Caviezel.

The report shows Berlatsky claimed that the alleged extremist far-right and Christians had helped the picture earn more than fifty million dollars (now 100+ million) at the box office.

For years, Prostasia, a pedophile support organization, has been accused of normalizing pedophilia under the guise of “child protection.”

A report reveals that Prostasia is a California nonprofit that received tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service in 2018. Prostasia presents itself as an advocacy group for children’s rights, but it really supports a wide variety of concerns related to sexuality and gender identity.

Sex positivity, child protection,  kink, and free speech are all topics that pop up often in Prostasia’s blog posts. There is typically little distinction made when discussing child sexuality and child sexual abuse and the related themes of furries, age play, and prostitution.

When Noah Berlatsky‘s daughter came out as transgender, he penned an essay for Insider stating his wife was bisexual and nonbinary and that he learned a lot about himself and his manhood from his LGBTQ relatives.

His Twitter account, which has over 21,000 followers, is now protected and cannot be seen by the general public.