‘Pause’ for thought: White House plays nice with Manchin

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The Washington Examiner is reporting that Biden’s White House is playing nice with moderate West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin in the hope that he might continue to work with the party on passing extremist legislation and spending packages. It comes as Manchin expresses his concern about continued excessive spending, writing in a Wall Street Journal article that there must be a pause on spending until we can determine whether inflation is transitory or not.

Karine Jean-Pierre, a spokeswoman for the Biden administration, told reporters on Friday that Manchin is an “important partner” to the White House.

She said that President Biden believes in passing “critical investment” for the United States and that it should be paid for in a way that – she said – economists believe won’t increase the inflation risk to the country.

But Manchin doesn’t agree. In the aforementioned Wall Street Journal piece, Manchin said that spending packages – including the unprecedented $3.5 trillion that will be used on far-left social spending projects – cannot be passed until we know for sure that prices won’t go up any further. It comes as the United States faces an inflation crisis that is raising the cost of food, consumer goods, and fuel.

Jean-Pierre wouldn’t admit whether Biden had spoken to Manchin since he published the piece, in which he called for a “strategic pause” on increased spending.

Manchin is joined by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema who has voiced opposition to the spending packages.

These two moderate Democrats are perhaps the most important senators – and most powerful legislators – in the country right now. Without their opposition, the Democrats would quickly pass a host of extremist policies with a simple majority vote using the budget reconciliation process.