PA Court Win For Trump As Judge Rules Ballots Without Dates Should Be Thrown Out

( President Donald Trump won one of several ongoing legal battles on Thursday when a judge in Pennsylvania sided with his suit and ruled that thousands of ballots that were not postmarked or dated should be thrown away. The decision reversed a lower court decision that would have allowed the ballots to be cast despite there being no proof of when the ballots were cast.

Zoe Tillman, a reporter for far-left “news” website BuzzFeed News, wrote on Twitter on Thursday that the GOP win in Pennsylvania took the form of a Commonwealth Court judge ruling that 2,349 votes from Allegheny County should be considered invalid as the dates were not declared.

Tillman also reported, however, that the Trump campaign wasn’t winning on everything.

“Elsewhere in PA, a judge in Bucks County rejected the Trump campaign’s appeal of the county’s decision to count 2,117 absentee ballots with various deficiencies,” she said.

“Judge notes both sides agreed there was no evidence of fraud re: the ballots in this case.”

Pennsylvania an important state for President Trump as it offers 20 electoral votes that could make or break it for his re-election. In order to win, however, President Donald Trump’s lawyers would also need to prove widespread voter fraud or irregularities in several other states. Something his top lawyers, including Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, say they can prove.

In a press conference this week, Giuliani and Powell laid out some of the most compelling evidence yet of widespread voter fraud. The lawyers detailed several sworn affidavits from witnesses who saw fraud take place, and Powell even suggested that there is a bigger scandal unfolding that relates to mass fraud committed through ballot-counting machines.

Only time will tell whether the president’s accusations of voter fraud are correct, but time is running out.