Osama Bin Laden Thought Vietnam Style Protests Would Break Out

(FreedomBeacon.com)- One of the interesting details discovered among the documents and files collected from Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound was that bin Laden believed America would rebel against its government after al Qaeda launched an attack on the US homeland — an error in judgment that ultimately killed him.

In his communications with family and associates, bin Laden predicted that, in the wake of this attack, the American people would rise up, take to the streets and demand the United States withdraw from Muslim-majority countries. He fully expected a repeat of the civil protests launched during the Vietnam War.

Instead, Americans, in a rare moment of national unity, were demanding retaliation against the terrorists who killed nearly three thousand of their countrymen.

The documents from bin Laden’s compound were declassified in 2017, and according to Nelly LaHoud, Senior Fellow from the International Security Program at New America, these documents “provide an unparalleled glimpse” into the mind of Osama bin Laden while offering a view of the US War on Terror as “seen through the eyes of its chief target.”

Over the past three years, LaHoud has pored through 96,000 files from the Abbottabad compound. As far back as 1986, bin Laden had already conceived of a massive attack within the United States. At that time, bin Laden hoped to exploit the suffering of Palestinians as the motive for this jihad.

By the late nineties, bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorists were acting out on his words. They bombed the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killing 224 and wounding over four thousand. Two years later, al Qaeda attacked the USS Cole in Yemen with an explosive-packed boat, killing seventeen US sailors.

But his miscalculation of how Americans would react to an attack on their own soil reveals just how little understanding bin Laden had for the American people. Rather than the angry protests he expected, Americans rallied behind President George W. Bush and the War on Terror. Within two months, the Taliban were deposed by US-led forces in Afghanistan, driving bin Laden into exile and sending al Qaeda on the run – not at all what Osama expected.

Nelly LaHoud believes that, though bin Laden might have been well-versed in Islamic history and the military campaigns of the Prophet Muhammad, his grasp of modern international relations was lacking.