Oregon Being Evacuated As Wildfires Burn Out Of Control

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Evacuation orders were issued in the south-central region of Oregon this week following a Bootleg Fire. Firefighters in the state have been fighting the huge blaze that started a week earlier, with more than 200,000 acres of land affected by the fire so far.

The Portland Fire and Rescue team shared a video of the tragic fire showing huge numbers of trees being completely annihilated by the fire.

Bryan Green, a firefighter from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Team, said that the fire is burning “extremely hot” and that it’s not being helped by the fact that conditions are “very, very dry.” He described how current conditions are like the end of September, meaning they are fighting something in July that they would typically expect later in the year.

The Bootleg Fire has become the biggest wildfire burning in the United States right now, with the region affected already much larger than New York City. Evacuations are forcing people out of their homes, potentially facing the grim reality of losing their homes.

21 homes in the region north of the Oregon and California border have already been destroyed. By Thursday, the fire was 7% contained.

The plumes of smoke coming from the wildfire can be seen for miles. Strong and erratic winds in the area are moving it particularly difficult for firefighters to navigate, and the extreme conditions have resulted in localized weather conditions. Fire-generated lightning has even been spotted in the area.

Two campgrounds at the Wenaha Wildlife Area have also been closed, with the Forest Service issuing a Level 2 evacuation in the south-eastern region of Washington.

Authorities warn that it could be several weeks before the fire is completely contained.