“Old White Men” Statues Face Removal 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The woke government of Wales argues that monuments to white people are offensive to today’s demographic, who perceive them in a different light. People of color see them as old white men, land robbers who conquered peoples to extend the British Empire. 

De facto diversity shrines are scheduled to replace monuments of “old white men” like Admiral Nelson, according to the Welsh government, which claims that these depictions may be “offensive” to Britain’s increasingly multicultural population. 

It has been decreed that monuments contribute to the “impression that the accomplishments that society regards important are those of strong, older, able-bodied white males.” 

Most people revere General Arthur Wellesley and Admiral Horatio Nelson for their successes over Napoleon, but they are in danger of having their statues destroyed because of the accusations made by far-left extremists who claim they were involved in slavery or colonialism. 

To “take action” and establish “the proper historical narrative,” the guidelines indicate that authorities and cultural organizations must accept the new perspective. 

The destruction of such landmarks would be a literal realization of George Orwell’s 1984 dystopia, in which every record was erased. 

Officials have suggested that individuals in charge of offensive sculptures discretely box monuments or encapsulate them artistically in new artworks, which might include changing the names of streets or renaming structures. 

To counter “racist colonial beliefs about white supremacy,” the manifesto proposes replacing historical landmarks with monuments celebrating mass migration and multiculturalism. 

Other than showing up, it is unclear what accomplishments the homages are to depict. 

Even monuments of white individuals who played a role in the abolition of slavery, including former Prime Minister Charles, and 2nd Earl Grey, have been targeted for removal. 

Polls consistently rank Winston Churchill as the most beloved and respected man in British history, yet his monument in London has been the subject of vandalism and has been covered over in the past. 

In their quest to establish a new woke order built on institutionalized racism and anti-white bigotry, far-left revolutionaries with delusions of grandeur would gladly wipe the slate clean of white people if they could.