Officers No Longer Allowed To Enforce Traffic Laws In Democrat-Controlled City

( The city of Philadelphia, which has succumbed to massive violent crime rates in recent years thanks to mismanagement by elected Democrats, is set to stop enforcing minor traffic stops.

So not only will it be dangerous for pedestrians, but just as dangerous for drivers, too…

The new policy is designed to promote something called “driving equity,” which appears to be an indication that Democrats think non-white people are more likely to be stopped by police while driving.

Far-left Mayor Jim Kenney is expected to sign the new legislation this week, which was just approved by the Philadelphia City Council.


Democratic Councilman Isaiah Thomas said on Sunday that “traffic stops are traumatic for drivers and scary for police officers.”

Well, maybe people should follow the rules of the road, then?

“Limiting them will make everyone safer and communities stronger,” he added.

He didn’t explain how not enforcing the rules of the road would make people safer.

Thomas also said on Twitter that the idea is based on “Driving Equality” and that the plan “reinforces that public safety can be achieved with other methods than traffic stops.”


The legislation appears to be an attempt at stopping violent interactions with police officers during traffic stops, whereby those being stopped may physically attack police officers.

Apparently, allowing violent criminals to just get away with speeding and other driving offenses is an easier way of handling the problem.