Obama Says World is “Nowhere Near” Where it Should Be on Climate Action

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The wealthy guy with a multi-million-dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard flew to Glasgow Scotland this week to give a hectoring speech to us little people about the “climate crisis.” Barack Obama told the COP26 UN Climate Summit on Monday that while there has been much progress in combatting climate change, “we are nowhere near where we need to be yet.”

Yup. The world has disappointed Barack Obama once again.

After pouring on the honey by praising those in attendance for all they’re doing by flying to Glasgow and giving speeches, Obama told the assembled crowd that they haven’t done enough to address the climate crisis.

We have to do more, he said. You know, like buy a multi-million-dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard and take a private jet to Scotland.

Obama praised himself for ramming through the completely pointless Paris Climate Accord which President Trump rightly withdrew from in 2017 – something that really got Barack’s dander up. Calling Trump’s time in office “four years of active hostility to climate science,” Obama said that “the American people” still managed to meet the commitments of the Paris agreement.

Which makes absolutely no sense.

Americans weren’t raising taxes on themselves to bribe third-world countries to reduce their carbon footprint. But when has any speech from Obama been grounded in reality?

And if Obama is boasting that Americans reduced their carbon footprint without the country being saddled by the Paris agreement, isn’t he arguing against the importance of the agreement?

As a matter of fact, he is. He later praised private companies for taking steps to reduce carbon emissions all on their own. In other words, the Paris Climate Accord was completely unnecessary and that’s why Barack wants the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

And if you think we disappointed Barack, fear not. We are not alone. Those pesky Chinese and Russians who skipped the Glasgow Summit got an earful from the former Lecturer-in-Chief. He just couldn’t believe they are demonstrating such a “dangerous lack of urgency” over this magical climate crisis. How dare China and Russia not show up at a pointless summit so preening, powerless has-beens like Barack Obama can lecture them?! How dare they not destroy their economies over climate hysteria?!

Obama’s speech made liberal use of the pronoun “we.” But in reality, the “we” he is referring to doesn’t include him. Once he’s done lecturing in Scotland, he will fly back home to his multi-million-dollar estate on the Vineyard to party with his celebrity friends.

Because the only “action” Obama plans to take for the climate is reading a speech.