Obama Refers To Biden As “Vice-President,” Leading To Giddy Laughter From Crowd

(FreedomBeacon.com)- On his dramatic return to the White House on Tuesday, former President Barack Obama generated laughs when he referred to Vice President Joe Biden as the “vice president.”

Before taking the stage, Vice President Kamala Harris introduced Barack Obama to thunderous applause and a few “woos” from the attendees.

Obama thanked the crowd and raised his arms to quell them before turning to President Biden and addressing him –

“Vice President Biden, vice president…”

The audience burst out laughing.

Later, Obama claimed it was all a pre-planned joke and came up to Biden for a friendly hug before returning to using proper titles.

“Joe Biden. My president,” Obama said in earnest before returning to his speech.

His jokes at Biden’s expense continued.

Obama said it was good to be back in the Oval Office and that he had noticed some changes since he was last there and that Biden had made some “adjustments.”

He said that the Secret Service agents are now required to wear aviator sunglasses, a Baskin-Robbins has taken the place of the Navy Mess, and there’s a cat on the loose.

Obama has always known how to work a crowd with humor.

The former president then launched into a trip down memory lane. He described the effort Biden put into trying to get Obamacare passed. “Plugs” kept plugging away despite the program being deeply unpopular with most voters.

Obama blamed the unpopularity on misinformation that was “flying around.”

When it was Biden’s turn to grab some of Obama’s thunder, he went to the podium and riffed a bit on the former President’s joke.

“My name is Joe Biden, and I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President,” he said lamely.

Biden said Obama’s return to the White House spurred a lot of memories, which is quite a feat considering Biden’s considerable memory lapses.

“Feels like the good ‘ole days,” Biden said.

Obama’s joke was risky, bearing in mind that the prevailing belief across the world is that Obama is the actual president while Biden is merely a place-holding puppet. The most challenging job for Biden’s handlers is to keep him from going off-script and sticking to the Obama doctrine.