Obama Insider Says Meghan Markle Should Run For President

(FreedomBeacon.com)- This week, President Joe Biden’s sister Valerie suggested that Prince Harry’s domineering wife Meghan Markle would make a “good potential candidate” for President of the United States.

Valerie Biden Owens is out flogging her memoir, “Growing Up Biden,” making the rounds giving softball interviews on TV talk shows. And this week, the president’s sister appeared on “Good Morning Britain.”

What has the UK ever done to the United States to deserve that?

During Tuesday’s interview, the host asked Valerie if she thought Prince Harry’s bitter half would make a “good potential candidate” for president.

“Yes, perhaps,” old Joe’s sister said. “Of course she will.”

Well, which is it? Perhaps? Or of course?

Is there a single Biden who can answer a question properly?

Valerie went on to explain that having more women running for office would make “our democratic system” work better because it would offer “a better point of view” and a “different point of view.”

Has she heard some of Meghan Markle’s views?

Valerie told the “Good Morning Britain” host that the Democrat party embraces “all women” (so long as they are not pro-life, pro-gun, or hold a single conservative view). She said that the Democrats would welcome Meghan Markle into the party.