Obama Guides Biden Off Stage at Hollywood Fundraising Event

On the night of June 15th, at a fundraiser attended by Hollywood A-listers, former President Barack Obama was forced to escort President Joe Biden off the stage by taking his hand.

While Obama waved to the crowd and the band played, Biden stood clenched-jawed and only turned to go when Obama grabbed his hand and led him away.

It was really humiliating, according to ‘Uncensored’ host Piers Morgan. There is no way the Democrats can stand by and let this unfold.

At the G-7 meeting on June 13th, Biden began to stray from the group of leaders looking forward, prompting Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to go retrieve him.

During the G-7 conference, Biden made an embarrassing and inappropriate gesture by pressing his forehead against Pope Francis’, which left both the Pope and President Javier Milei of Argentina looking bewildered. 

Speaking to a gathering of around 250 seniors in Phoenix, Arizona, Jill Biden sought to calm concerns over her husband’s age in the hours leading up to the Hollywood event. She said her husband and Donald Trump (she would not say his name) are practically the same age, so let’s not be fooled. Biden called Joe a healthy and intelligent 81-year-old working to improve our future.

According to the report in Special Counsel Robert Hur’s criminal probe into Biden, his memory was considerably restricted throughout his recorded conversations about 2017 with his ghostwriter [with whom he discussed classified documents] and his interview with Hur’s office in 2023.  Hur also took into account the fact that similar to how he behaved throughout their interview, Biden would most likely portray himself to the jury as a kind, well-intentioned, old man suffering from a bad memory.

The special counsel found evidence of Biden’s diminished faculties and faulty memory in recordings from his 2017 interviews with the ghostwriter, which revealed that the president was already having trouble remembering events and straining to comprehend and convey his own notes.