Obama Attacked Trump As “Madman” and “Pig” In Nasty Attack

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Former President Barack Obama, whose drone strikes killed thousands of people during his time in office, allegedly slammed former President Donald Trump as a “madman” in a behind-closed-doors donor even within the last five years.

The revelation was revealed in a new book by Edward-Isaac Dovere, a writer at the Atlantic, titled “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Donald Trump.”

Dovere claims that Obama hated President Trump so much (perhaps because he was much more successful in four years than he was in eight) that he called him a “f*cking lunatic” and a “corrupt motherf*cker.”

But you can’t get much more corrupt than spying on an opposition candidate’s campaign and lying about it, can you, Barack?

The book hit the headlines previously this week when excerpts were made public claiming that First Lady Jill Biden said that then-Senator Kamala Harris should “go f*ck herself” after she attacked then-candidate Joe Biden on the debate stage as a racist.

Hardly surprising. Kamala Harris even said that she believed Joe Biden sexually abused and penetrated a staffer during his time in the Senate.

The Guardian reported on the excerpts of the book and claimed that the comments are “likely to prompt an angry reaction” from former President Trump…but those comments are unlikely to come as a surprise to the 45th President.

President Barack Obama has long attempted to appear as the stable, reasonable, and rational Democrat president – but no matter how hard he tries to call former President Trump corrupt, nothing will change his horrific warmongering record and his failed economic policies.