OAN Star Jack Posobiec Responds To Anti-Grooming Law

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The senior editor for Human Events, Jack Posobiec, has joined the fight in beating back the deceitful way the mainstream media described the Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill.

In his podcast, “Human Events With Jack Posobiec,” the conservative pundit wasted no time and minced no words. In response to what the left is cynically calling the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Posobiec fired back, stating the bill should be redubbed the “Anti-Grooming” bill.

He said it is common sense, “the only people who would push for sexual education, for children of that age, is probably a groomer.”

This effective counter-attack has, of course, enraged the left.

Posobiec keenly points out that nowhere in the bill does it say that teachers are forbidden to say the word “gay”, it’s not even a refutation of the LGBT community’s beliefs, it simply delays their agenda and plans for indoctrination, until the fourth grade.

“We’re going to let it alone up to a certain age. And then after that age, maybe we’ll talk about that,” Posobiec assured.

Is it an unreasonable position to, as Posobiec says, to “let children be children. Let them understand their own childhood”?

Children, not yet exploring their own sexuality, shouldn’t be exposed to complicated issues such as gender fluidity and pansexuality and non-binary queerdom. It’s complicated for adults.

Instead, Posobiec says, schools should return to the basics, such as teaching math and grammar, because these are the foundational skills necessary to function in society.

Posobiec remembers learning fractions in the 3rd grade and questions whether the people in his hometown of DC have those skills.

Schools have lost their focus, preferring to focus on gender studies, and this has leached into areas as far-flung as the military. If this is omnipresent in your thinking, it infects every sector of society.

“…What Governor DeSantis is doing here, it’s not an attack on anybody. It’s a protection. It’s a protection on our children, and it’s a protection on our families, and it’s setting up our society for a better future,” Posobiec said.

Is it too much to ask that our children be allowed to be children without influencing them, at an impressionable age, with ideas considered outside traditional norms?