OAN Host Goes Viral for Suggesting Biden Is Bombing Ukrainians In ‘False Flag’ Operation

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Last week, One America News foreign correspondent Pearson Sharp made the shocking allegation that the bombing of the Mariupol maternity hospital in Ukraine “had the makings” of a “false-flag” operation conducted by the United States, without offering a single shred of evidence.

Sharp accused President Biden “and his cronies” of trying to “cook up” conflict in Ukraine “to distract from their monumental failures” in America. He then accused the United States of having a “long, storied history” of running false flag operations “in pursuit of its own political agenda.”

He accused the US of conducting “false flag gas attacks in Syria” as a way to “frame” Bashar al-Assad of mass murder which Sharp claimed he “personally investigated and exposed.”

Bringing up the bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol, Sharp accused “American Pravda” of cooking up the story that Russia bombed the ward “indiscriminately” to spark a “global outrage,” claiming that there were no patients inside the hospital.

He played a clip of Russian officials denying any wrongdoing and said the claims about the bombing must be investigated.

Unsurprisingly, Sharp’s comments sparked outrage on social media after it a video clip was posted on Twitter.

Sharp’s editorial comments prompted a fact-check from PolitiFact which rated his claims “Pants on Fire” false.

In a comment to PolitiFact, Sharp claimed his only point was that journalists have a duty to “question what we’re told” instead of accepting it as fact.