NYC Tries To Snub The Giuliani’s After All They’ve Done For The City

( While New York City is generally considered to be very liberal, Republicans have done well in one of its boroughs in recent years — Staten Island.

A big reason for that is candidates who are closely aligned with former President Donald Trump have touted messages that have resonated well with voters there.

But, one of the closest allies of the former president said this week that he’s not getting that same love from Staten Island.

Rudy Giuliani, who is the former mayor of New York City, said the Staten Island branch of the Republican Party didn’t give enough consideration to his son Andrew in his push to run for governor. And that hasn’t sat particularly right with Giuliani.

As Trump’s former personal lawyer said during his son’s first campaign stop in Annadale:

“It would be really hard for a dad to be supporting people who go against his son. I am a father, you know? And I am Italian. They got me very upset they didn’t give him more consideration.”

New York’s Republican Party gave their gubernatorial endorsement to Representative Lee Zeldin. The Long Island politician also received the nomination for governor from the New York Conservative Party.

Despite Giuliani’s son having the prominent last name, Zeldin has the support of local politicians who are currently serving in Washington. The committee for Zeldin who selected Alison Esposito — the deputy inspector of the NYPD — as his running mate was led by Representative Nicole Malliotakis, who was one of many Republicans in the House that objected to the certification of Electoral College results on January 6, 2021.

Another prominent member of Zeldin’s campaign is Joe Borelli, the minority leader in the New York City Council. He’s also received the support of state Assemblymen Mike Tannousis and Mike Reilly.

While it’s noble that Giuliani is supporting his son, Andrew may just be running up against a powerhouse local candidate within his own party.

Giuliani said he was particularly surprised that Malliotakis threw her support behind Zeldin. She is a freshman congresswoman and is likely to have a very tough re-election effort later this year.

Her district that represents Staten Island and Brooklyn is considered to be a swing district, especially after congressional maps were redrawn to include some progressive neighborhoods that include Park Slope in Brooklyn.

While she is a strong ally of Trump, Malliotakis endorsed Zeldin for New York governor only a few days after Andrew Giuliani announced his candidacy. That certainly surprised the elder Giuliani, who said recently:

“I don’t know what Zeldin ever did for Malliotakis. I did a fundraiser for her. I campaigned with her. I think I have maybe a little stronger name recognition than Zeldin does. I don’t know what the hell she’s doing. I don’t know. I’m not happy about that.”

Giuliani said the only way that Malliotakis could win back his support — which she might need in her re-election bid — is to change her mind and support his son in his bid for New York governor.