NYC Mayor Issues Puzzling Retort To Heckler

New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a bizarre reply to a heckler that stunned his audience. During a press conference to unveil plans to remove scaffolding from buildings in the business district, a woman shouted, “F*** you a**hole,” to which the Mayor responded, “She said I’m messing with homeless people. One should be happy if someone wants to make love to them. You know?”

He did not explain his response or expand on it but moved on to another question. He also failed to address the homelessness angle and therefore did not speak about one of the biggest problems facing the Big Apple – growing numbers of people living on the streets, partly due to its welcoming of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. Homelessness is at its highest level in New York since the Great Depression in the 1930s.

Adams has a history of confrontation with members of the public and even offended the Biden administration when he said immigration was “destroying” New York City. He continues however to insist that New York remain a “sanctuary city.” 

Last month, the Mayor had a tense exchange with a member of the public when she also questioned the growing homelessness problem. Adams accused the white woman of speaking to him as if he were “someone that’s on the plantation that you own.”

Jeanie Dubnau said Mayor Adams approved rent increases in the city, making the homelessness situation worse, but he responded by demanding respect and asking that she lower her voice. “I had to speak loudly so that everyone could hear what I was saying,” Dubau stated, adding that his response was “a complete deflection from what I was saying because he has no answer.”

Mr. Adams approved a 3% rent increase in June, but when speaking to Jeanie Dubnau, he insisted it was not his decision. On his website, however, he praised the increase, saying, “Finding the right balance is never easy, but I believe the board has done so this year.”