NPR Attacks Biden For Meeting With “White” Historians

( Joe Biden has come under fire from National Public Radio (NPR) for holding a meeting at the White House with a group of historians because “all of those invitees were white.”

According to a tweet by NPR, early in August, the White House convened a group of historians to discuss challenges facing democratic institutions in the United States. But detractors claim that the fact that all of those specialists were white makes a difference.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to listen to the outcome of the meeting and decide if anything fruitful came of it?

That would require actual thinking rather than seeking to divide with meaningless grievances. It’s hard to fathom that a group of minorities convened to cure cancer would face derision by white people.

NPR argues that the historians all had the same viewpoints because they were not sufficiently “diverse.” This argument is based on the assumption that one’s point of view is exclusively decided by their skin tone.

After The Washington Post reported on the historian’s meeting, it didn’t take long for some to raise issues. And by “some,” we mean the Grievance Industrial Complex members.

These questions weren’t about the idea that democracy is in danger; instead, they were about the homogeneous makeup of those conveying that message.

NPR griped that it seemed as though the Biden administration had only invited white experts to advise the president—four historians and one journalist: Princeton historian Sean Wilentz, University of Virginia historian Allida Black, presidential historians Michael Beschloss and Jon Meacham, who is also an occasional speechwriter for Biden, and journalist and Atlantic staff writer Anne Applebaum.

NPR has no problem if there is no diversity of ideology. And skin color is not diverse if the minority is a conservative.

The story went on to say that it is “concerning” that Biden met with white historians because Republicans are attempting to erase “the histories of Black people and people of color across the United States.” There is no evidence of white people erasing the histories of black people.

The article stated that non-white people are more acutely feeling the threats to “democracy,” which is the latest repackaging of the Biden administration’s demonization of millions of ordinary Americans as domestic extremists. Additionally, the article stated that this is part of a “slow ongoing repression.”

One sort of official oppression black people in the United States do not encounter is that big legacy media sources demean their entire race as being somehow inferior. NPR did this with their tweet and their story.

To further clarify, there is nothing wrong with being of the white race.