North Korea Launches Another Missile

( Only a week after North Korea claimed to test a hypersonic weapon, the communist country reportedly launched a “more advanced” missile as part of ongoing military tests designed to strengthen its defense against Western forces and South Korea.

Reports reveal how North Korea tested a ballistic missile on Tuesday that appears to be more advanced and more capable than the missile launched only a week earlier. Intelligence from the South Korean military reveals how Pyongyang is pursuing technological advancement to its military arsenal as negotiations with the United States broke down further following the election of President Joe Biden.

It comes after communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un promised the nation that he would equip the nation’s military with cutting-edge technology, even as the country faces its worst-ever food shortage and economic crisis.

According to initial estimates from the South Korean military, the missile launched on Tuesday traveled over 435 miles and reaches a maximum altitude of 37 miles. It traveled 10 times faster than the speed of sound, indicating that North Korea has the equipment to deliver an atomic bomb or other explosive should Western or South Korean forces ever advance into the country.

It’s clearer than ever that a flat-out war with North Korea could result in serious harm to surrounding nations, even if it were only temporary. With Chinese support, North Korea may actually be more secure than ever before – posing a grim reality and future for the millions of starving and indoctrinated North Korean citizens.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a statement saying that United States intelligence authorities are conducting a detailed analysis to confirm their assessment that the latest missile was more deadly than the first.