North Korea Admits Mass Starvation

( North Korea’s dictator and the governing Workers’ Party rarely admit to anything, but a recent state documentary released in the country appears to address the dire “food crisis” going on in the country. It comes after the country was forced to block more than 90% of trade with China during the COVID-19 pandemic over fears of the virus spreading across the country, and a number of severe floods in the nation’s farmlands during 2020.

The documentary, which is released every year to sum up the main achievements of the nation’s leader Kim Jong Un over the last 12 months, this year addressed the food crisis as part of the annual recap. Incredibly, the film was titled, “The Great Year of Victory 2021.”

It featured images and videos of Kim Jong Un attending meetings and military parades, and offered a hopeful and positive vision for the country in the future – while also admitting that “the country’s situation is more difficult than ever.”

At one point in the documentary, the narrator explains how Kim told a government meeting that he must urgently stabilize the livelihood of the North Korean people and that it can be done by relieving the tension created by the food supply. He called for emergency measures to be introduced to ensure citizens do not start, starting with the release of emergency grain stored by the government.

The video also showed Kim looking significantly slimmer than he had in previous years, and appeared to make explicit nods to the fact that the country’s leader had lost weight – perhaps to indicate that he is suffering from the food shortage in the same way his citizens are. The truth is, however, that Kim appears to be suffering from some unknown medical condition and has been spotted at several public events over the last two years with mysterious bloody marks on his hands and face.