Noam Chomsky Supports Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

( Last week, aging leftist philosopher Noam Chomsky suggested that former President Donald Trump is the “most dangerous person” in history, but he is the only “Western statesman” to lay out a “sensible” position to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

In an interview with Thijmen Sprakel last Tuesday, Chomsky said the solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict is to facilitate negotiations rather than undermine them. He said Europe should move toward establishing “some kind of accommodation” that is not based on military alliances, “but just mutual accommodation.”

Chomsky explained that Trump hasn’t specifically stated this, but he has suggested this position which is similar to what George HW Bush proposed after the Soviet Union collapsed, namely, a “partnership for peace” that would include both Europeans and Asians.

In Chomsky’s opinion, limiting NATO expansion and eliminating European military alliances is central.

He said that Donald Trump resisted condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin. Instead, Trump criticized NATO for standing back from the conflict.

Chomsky conceded that Donald Trump is not his “favorite person,” adding that he thinks Trump is “the most dangerous person maybe in history.”

But, he added, he is the only Western statesman who is articulating what Chomsky believes is “the right way out.”