Nikki Haley Requests Ban Of Critical Race Theory

( A former prominent governor is using her notoriety to try to encourage all other governors to denounce an increasingly popular education tool.

On Monday, Nikki Haley, the former Republican governor of South Carolina who also served as the Ambassador to the United Nations under President Donald Trump, said all governors should ban funding that supports the critical race theory.

Speaking on the “America Reports” program on Fox News, Haley went off on the theory that’s gaining popularity in some liberal academic circles. She said the theory will have “long-lasting” effects on the way children view themselves.

She explained:

“Every governor in the country needs to ban funding for critical race theory. Governors can decide this.

“This will have effects that will go long-lasting into our kids. They don’t need to be judged from the second they walk into school. They don’t need to be told which label they are when they walk into school. We need to treat kids as the opportunities they’re going to be to fix America, not break them before they start.”

While it’s popped up a lot in the news recently, critical race theory has actually been around since the 1970s. It’s a movement started by activists and scholars who support civil rights to challenge the approaches of racial justice.

One of the main tenets of the theory is that disparate racial outcomes and racism itself doesn’t come from the racism and prejudices of individuals. Rather, it’s a result of very complex and often changing institutional and social dynamics.

In addition, the theory says white supremacy is a social construction that continues to boost white people’s interests while marginalizing other communities.

Those who are against critical race theory believe it focuses much more on storytelling than it does on any serious reason, rejecting merit and truth in the meantime.

In recent years, many states that are led by the GOP have worked to limit public schools’ ability to teach critical race theory. They have argued that it uses race to divide children rather than bring them together, ultimately resulting in discrimination.

Haley described it as teaching white kids they’re “bad” while at the same time teaching brown and black kids that they’re “never enough.” In other words, it’s bad for all people.

She explained:

“Think about a 5-year-old that starts kindergarten and they don’t know anything about color. If she’s white, you’re telling her that she’s bad. If she’s brown or black, you’re telling her she’s never enough and she’ll always be a victim.

“That is harmful for the very well-being of our children.”

Haley has kept herself in the spotlight after she departed her position under the Trump administration. Many are speculating she could be positioning herself for a run at the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

However, she has already announced that if Trump were to decide to run again, she wouldn’t join the race to oppose him. That means we probably won’t hear anything official from her until 2023, since Trump said he wouldn’t make his intentions known until after the midterm elections next year.