Nikki Haley Gets Grilled For Wanting To Increase Social Security Minimum Age

( Former South Carolina governor and Republican candidate Nikki Haley was grilled by Fox News host Neil Cavuto for wanting to increase the minimum age for Social Security, according to Mediaite. Haley’s position is contrasted with former President Donald Trump’s claim that he will not touch Social Security. But Haley is arguing that the federal program will soon become insolvent if action is not taken now.  

Cavuto pressed the former governor for the particulars of her proposal to which she argued that the program is going to be different for those who are currently in their twenties. Therefore, things will have to change for that generation, she said. Haley added that wealthier individuals should be more restricted when it comes to accepting federal money from Social Security.  

Cavuto tried to clarify what group Haley was talking about, but she reiterated that the program would need to be different for those who are younger, while those in their sixties will still see what they put in.  

Haley is one of the contenders facing off against the former president under whom she served as an ambassador to the United Nations. She reportedly refuses to talk against him or say which policies of his she disagrees with.  

Trump is leading the race among 2024 hopefuls, according to Mediaite. In a straw poll conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump came in first amongst Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Ted Cruz, and Haley. He won 62% of the vote while DeSantis came in second at around 20%.  

The former president is already on the defensive, aiming for DeSantis to try to knock him out early. DeSantis was being lauded as the new leader of the GOP after the 2024 midterm elections indicated Trump’s dwindling grasp on the party.