Nikki Haley Cheers Firing Of Don Lemon

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was pleased on Monday after CNN fired anchor Don Lemon two months after Lemon made a joke about Haley being “past her prime.” 

The statements by Lemon were deemed highly offensive at the time and were just the latest in a series of scandals that made headlines because of the host.

The jubilant Haley exclaimed that it was a great day for women everywhere. The ex-governor of South Carolina added in her tweet that the next task would be to “get men out of women’s sports.”

Haley added a hashtag – #Still In My Prime.

She also used the tweet to criticize transgender people in sports. Along with a link to her campaign website, the tweet featured an image of two can coolers that read, “NOT IN MY PRIME?” and “HOLD MY BEER.” Lemonade was placed in the koozies (an allusion to Don Lemon.)

She also tweeted to women that they should let anyone tell you that “you’re past your prime.”

Haley’s notion that lawmakers over 75 should take a cognitive test to guarantee they’re fit for service was a not-so-subtle shot at President Joe Biden and was discussed by the co-hosts of CNN This Morning in mid-February.

Lemon nastily quipped that  Nikki Haley wasn’t “in her prime.” 

After that, Lemon continued digging, saying that a woman was in her prime in her 20s, 30s, and “maybe 40s.”

Harlow was curious whether his comment pertained to a woman’s reproductive years or her eligibility for the presidency.

Some called for Lemon’s dismissal, and others have expressed outrage at the anchor’s “classic egregious sexism” in light of his statements.

A contrite Lemon later explained that his remarks were “inartful,” a weasel word reserved for people who don’t want to apologize. Lemon is saying that his opinion is unchanged; it’s just that he has to figure out a better delivery.

On Monday, CNN revealed that Lemon will no longer be working for the network.