Nikki Haley Calls Out GOP Hypocrisy On Big Spending

During the first Republican presidential debate on Wednesday, Nikki Haley, who formerly served as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, highlighted her stances on abortion and international affairs.

She attacked her fellow Republicans for the nation’s high inflation rate and praised the United States’ ties with Israel. Haley said that Republicans and the administration of Trump were to blame for the crisis and that Biden was not to blame for what was happening to the United States.

She attacked Vivek Ramaswamy for his views on foreign policy, pointing out that he believes a victory for Russia is equally a victory for China. According to Haley, Ukraine is the first line of defense for the United States of America, and a victory for Russia is also a victory for China. She also scolded Ramaswamy for selecting a murderer (Putin) over a nation that supports the United States, and she stressed the significance of the alliance between the United States and Israel.

A disagreement arose between Haley and Mike Pence, who served as Vice President during the previous administration, on pending legislation in Congress regarding abortion. Pence said reaching a consensus is the antithesis of leadership, and he indicated that he would back a federal ban on abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. Because there haven’t been 45 pro-life senators in almost a century, no Republican president can prohibit abortions any more than a Democrat president can outlaw all those state laws, which is why Haley encouraged Pence to be honest with the American people regarding a federal abortion ban.

Haley also addressed the fact that she was the only woman participating in the discussion by citing Margaret Thatcher’s statement-
“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

Fox News served as the event’s moderator and all eight contenders for the Republican presidential nomination participated.

The Biden White House claims that Haley is their most feared competitor.