Newt Gingrich Has A Warning About Michelle Obama

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich issued a warning to Republicans about the prospect that Michelle Obama might run for president, according to The Western Journal. The political threat comes as Susan Rice, the foreign policy advisor to President Joe Biden, left her position just a day before he announced his re-election campaign. 

The sequence of events does not appear coincidental to Gingrich, who speculates that there was some disagreement between Rice and Biden that should not go unnoticed. He says that at the very least, it means that she was opposed to his re-election and advised him not to do it. But given the division between Democrats over whether or not Biden should run again and the moves of Michelle, Gingrich thinks there is more going on. 

Biden’s approval rating is underwater at 42 percent, which may present trouble when presidents with 50 percent or higher at this point in their presidency easily won a second term. An NBC poll reportedly shows that 70 percent of Americans do not want Biden to run for president again. That number includes 51 percent of Democrats who are not on board with the idea either. 

Gingrich also highlighted Michelle’s appearance at a Bruce Springsteen concert where she played tambourine. He mentioned that this was not the behavior of someone who was “hiding.” Nevertheless, Michelle has previously made it clear that she does not intend to run for president. In November 2022, Michelle said that she “detests” the question and explicitly confirmed that she will not be running. 

As Democrats are left with the unpopular Biden to rally behind, Republicans are overwhelmingly in support of former President Donald Trump as he enjoys 58 percent of likely voters contrasted with runner-up Ron DeSantis’ 22 points. But while Trump does better in the Republican primary, DeSantis reportedly fares better in key battleground states against Biden.