Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Says Witch Hunt Against Andrew Cuomo Is Fake Outrage

( Not everybody is buying the accusations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Even those who aren’t fans of the corrupt governor are beginning to smell a rat behind Attorney General Letitia James’ report that Cuomo sexually harassed nearly a dozen women.

In a lengthy monologue on his Newsmax show, host Greg Kelly laid out all the reasons he thinks this is a “witch hunt” intended to fuel a media hit job.

As far as Greg Kelly is concerned, the accusations compiled in Letitia James’ report don’t rise to the level of Cuomo being a sexual predator. He compares the accusations against Cuomo to what Americans have seen from Joe Biden – the grabbing, sniffing and groping of women and girls that have gone on for years in full view of cameras.

There are definitely red flags here that are worth addressing – not the least of which is the fact that Letitia James has political aspirations that include running for Governor of New York.

In her three years in office James has already proven to be motivated not by “justice” but by political payback. When she campaigned for Attorney General in 2018, central to her campaign was her vow to, if elected, take down Donald Trump.

What kind of person running to be the top law enforcement officer in a state promises to investigate a sitting President until she finds a crime?

Letitia James simply cannot be trusted.

What’s more, James’ report reads more like opposition research for a political campaign than a criminal referral – mostly because it is not a criminal referral at all.

As Kelly points out, James is overplaying her hand here by including things like kissing someone on the check or telling someone she looks lovely. These kinds of claims just don’t rise to the level of criminal.

Kelly sees this report as nothing more than fodder to feed the media so they can help convict Cuomo in the court of public opinion and completely damage him politically.

It isn’t just pure coincidence that one of the people that would benefit most from Cuomo’s fall from grace is Letitia James.

It is impressive that Greg Kelly, who admits in this monologue that he doesn’t particularly like creepy Cuomo, is still able to maintain a level of healthy skepticism. This is rare among those on cable news.