News Networks Kill Story About Barbara Boxer Assault

( Barbara Boxer, the former Democrat Senator for California, was recently beaten up by two thieves who attacked her in the street and stole her cellphone. The incident took place in Oakland, her hometown, and anyone who saw the story was horrified.

Including Fox News and Republicans, of course.

And yet, for some reason, left-wing media outlets completely ignored the story. Senator Boxer became a victim of her own party’s obsession with pretending that everything is fine under the leadership of Democrat President Joe Biden and Democrat governors like Gavin Newsom, even though cities throughout the country are witnessing massive spikes in violent crime.

The tragic story was reported on Monday evening, but CNN only briefly mentioned the story on the “New Day” morning program. Fox News revealed how MSNBC maintained a total blackout on the story through the entirety of Tuesday, focusing almost all of its coverage that day on the hyper-partisan January 6 committee hearings being held by extremist Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Fox noted how the most confusing part of MSNBC’s refusal to cover the story was the fact that Boxer was a frequent guest on the channel, regularly appearing on the show to discuss topical issues. She even appeared the Saturday before the attack to talk about the January 6 committee.

Wouldn’t you think that the left-wing press would be concerned about a left-wing former senator, and contributor, being attacked in the street?

Amazingly, CBS went to even further lengths, actively downplaying the story by giving it only seven seconds of airtime during “CBS This Morning.” That’s even more insulting than just pretending it didn’t happen.

Boxer, who is 80 years old, served in the United States Senate from 1993 to 2017 and remains one of the best known former senators in the country.

A $2,000 reward has been offered by Oakland’s Police Department for anybody who can provide information that leads to the arrest of the men who attacked Boxer.

Let’s hope she is recovering!