New York Parking Garage Collapses Suddenly

One person was killed, and five were injured on Tuesday when a parking garage in lower Manhattan collapsed. Authorities have concluded that a structural failure caused the accident, requiring further investigation. 

The fire department thoroughly searched the building using drones and a robotic dog, and no missing persons were found. There are a total of six violations of the property code with this building, and three of them are significant safety concerns—three unaddressed code violations dating back to 2003, 2009, and 2013.

The violations were for cracks and defective stairwells, 

The property owners have previously paid the $2,200 fine for the three open dangerous violations. Even though construction began in the 1920s, the building wasn’t converted into a parking garage until 1957.

Since 1967 the building has amassed 64 violations.

Little Man Parking is the current operator of the parking lot.

On Tuesday afternoon, first-year Pace University student Zach Powers heard a loud boom in his dorm room, followed by a loud rumbling sound. He peered out the window and saw the garage’s center hole fill with cars. He also saw smoke billowing toward his house.

The conditions of the four injured people who were taken to the hospital were classified as stable. While at least one worker was stuck on a higher floor, rescuers safely transported him across the roof to a neighboring building. 

When firefighters first entered the structure, they did so on foot to look for survivors. However, as the building continued to collapse, they were forced to abandon their search and retreat to safety.

It will not be possible to remove the corpse of the lone victim until the building has been structurally stabilized. 

As part of their investigation into the possible causes of the collapse, Department of Structures engineers will continue to assess surrounding buildings as well as review drone footage and building records.