New York Attorney General Going After Steve Bannon

( The Populist Press is alleging that New York State Attorney General is continuing to target Steve Bannon despite all charges against him being dropped.

In a post from May 26 that includes what they claim are screenshots of subpoena documents, Populist Press claims that the AG is calling Twitter as a witness before a Grand Jury on June 7, 2021. However, as no such related news has been reported, it is not clear if these purported screenshots are authentic.

On Tuesday, May 25, a Manhattan federal judge dismissed an indictment against Bannon despite opposition from prosecutors.

Bannon was arrested along with three others in August 2020 on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering in relation to the crowdfunded “We Build the Wall” campaign to construct a border wall on the US-Mexico border. According to the complaint, Bannon and his associates diverted some of the funds for personal use.

Bannon was aboard a $28 million yacht owned by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui at the time of his arrest. Wengui is one of China’s most-wanted fugitives wanted on charges of fraud, blackmail and bribery.

On January 19 of this year, in a final flurry of pardons, President Trump pardoned Bannon.

In light of the pardon, Bannon’s attorney moved to dismiss the indictment against him in March. Prosecutors, however, argued that the indictment should remain in place even though Bannon would not stand trial.

In her seven-page order, US District Judge Analisa Torres noted that prosecutors did not dispute the validity of Trump’s pardon and added that a resolution of the indictment is required in order to remove the defendant from the docket.

At the same time, Torres noted that the pardon did not mean Bannon was innocent of the charges against him – writing “pardon implies guilt.”

For his part, Bannon’s attorney Bob Costello said he didn’t care about the “extra verbiage” in Torres’ order. Bannon, Costello said, has never been found guilty of anything.

If the alleged subpoena document at Populist Press is authentic, it is far more likely it is in relation to the upcoming trial of Steve Bannon’s three co-defendants than to Bannon himself.

Bannon’s co-defendants in the case are currently awaiting trial on the charges and, if convicted, face up to forty years in prison.