New White House “Racial” Rule Blasted As Divisive

( According to the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines to health providers, doctors should prioritize non-white patients when determining who qualifies for COVID treatment using monoclonal antibodies or antivirals.

The FDA wants providers to prioritize “high risk” patients, however, among the qualities that determine “high risk” is the patient’s “race or ethnicity.”

In short, the FDA is saying just being non-white puts you at higher risk for severe COVID, therefore, anyone who is not white is considered “high risk” whether the individual is healthy or not.

So if a white person over 65 with congestive heart disease and a healthy 30-year-old black man both turn up for monoclonal antibody therapy, doctors should choose the healthy black man over the 65-year-old white person with congestive heart disease.

It’s all about “equity,” don’t you know.

Several US states are implementing this kind of race-based scoring for COVID treatments. New York State announced last week that race and ethnicity will determine the priority of treatment. So too have Utah, Minnesota, and Texas.

From the start, the Biden administration has pushed for all departments of the federal government to pursue “equity.” But what this administration means by “equity” is “whites go to the back of the bus.”

After New York issued its race-based treatment guidelines, Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley argued in a column that what New York State is doing with COVID treatment is similar to what the Biden administration attempted to do with COVID relief money. And both fall into the same unconstitutional trap.

Turley notes that race-based medical preferences are both “legally problematic” and “practically unnecessary,” and added New York doing so will only contribute to the “uncertainty and division” surrounding the COVID pandemic.

But “uncertainty and division” are the feature not the bug of the Biden administration’s “equity” push. They don’t care that it’s unconstitutional. They don’t care that this is racial discrimination. And the only to stop them is to take the court.

On his show Monday night, Fox’s Tucker Carlson addressed the administration’s push to discriminate against white Americans in the treatment of COVID. And he hit the nail on the head.

Watch it HERE.