New Report Shows How Much Dr. Fauci Was Really Getting Paid

( New internal government documents have revealed how Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, saw his huge salary increase as he worked more on areas like vaccine development.

The documents, which were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request from OpenTheBooks, showed how Fauci – who was already the highest-paid federal employee in the country – saw his salary increase owing to his work on vaccine development and research into bioterrorism.

Among the documents released by the request was a letter from Raynard S. Kingston, who was the deputy director of the National Institutes of Health at the time, explaining why Fauci’s massive pay increase was justifiable.

The letter said that Fauci’s pay raise was permanent and justifiable because it would “appropriately compensate him for the level of responsibility” he carried, particularly with regards to his “work on biodefense research activities.”

Bioterrorism and vaccines are big business for Fauci, huh?

The documents also revealed how the George W. Bush administration approved the “permanent pay adjustment” for Fauci in excess of his normal salary as of December of 2004. Between that year and 2007, Fauci’s pay was increased by 68% from $200,000 to $335,000 per year.

Is it right that we have a man who profits from bioterrorism and vaccine research in charge of the nation’s response to COVID-19?

Surely this doesn’t make any sense.