New Report Hails Woman As “New Soros”

( Alex Marlow, the editor in chief of Breitbart News, has published a new book exploring some of the biggest hidden deals and corruption in the mainstream press, and as part of his promotion, he published an incredible report on the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs…and how she’s effectively the new George Soros.

Laurene Powell Jobs has been described by Vox as “one of the world’s most important philanthropists.” She’s worth roughly $16 billion, having made most of her money from her family investments in both Disney and Apple.

Marlow explains how Powell Jobs is comparable to Hungarian billionaire George Soros who uses his money to support globalist, far-left movements, protest groups, think tanks, and parties. And much like the Open Society Foundations that Soros runs, Powell Jobs reportedly uses her philanthropic organization “Emerson Collective” to support left-wing causes.

Marlow’s recent report describes how the Emerson Collective is a “hybrid philanthropic and investing limited liability company” – a description that he says is “murky” and allows its managers to engage in business and charity without being particularly clear about which is which.

The Breitbart editor in chief said that EC works primarily as a private business that is owned by Jobs’s personal trust, protecting it from IRS disclosure rules and allowing it to engage in clear political activity. He also indicated that given how many media outlets are aligned with Powell Jobs either ideologically or financially, it makes sense that most people haven’t heard about the outfit.

Who, exactly, is she funding?

Some examples offered up by Marlow include ACRONYM, which is a Democrat technology company that spent some $25 million on Courier Newsroom, an organization that claims to fund local newsrooms all over the country. But instead of just helping out the news industry, Marlow says it’s a partisan political effort pushing far-left fake news.

You should really check out the full report here and perhaps the book if you’d like to find out more about how the widow of Steve Jobs could be setting herself up as the new Soros.