New Poll Shows Joe Biden Has Reached New All-Time Low In Approval Rating

( No matter how many times President Joe Biden tries to claim he is the most popular president in American history, the numbers just keep proving him wrong.

According to new data from Rasmussen Reports, the president’s popularity rating has plummeted, with a majority of American disapproving of the job he’s doing. Biden’s approval rating has hit an all-time low, dropping to only 46%, with a massive disapproval rating of 52%.

While the Washington Examiner attempted to compare the numbers to former President Donald Trump, suggesting that it was a situation Trump was “regularly in,” there is an important difference here. The well-known “shy Trump vote” effect is caused by Trump supporters refusing to discuss their political beliefs with pollsters over the fear of being outed as a Republican, and ultimately being targeted by gangs of left-wing extremists.

It means that pollsters regularly engage more with Democrats…and suggests that Biden’s disapproval rating could be significantly higher than 52%.

The data from Rasmussen also shows that President Biden’s trend line shows his support dropping, and failing to receive the huge amount of support that former President Barack Obama received from Democrats.

As some Republicans did respond to the poll, it revealed a partisan gap. Biden’s approval rating was 77% among Democrats and only 22% among Republicans.

For the “most popular president in history,” which the Democrats claimed after the election appeared to suggest he won more votes than any other candidate before, that’s not a good rating. A third of Democrats don’t support what he’s doing.

It’s not hard to believe when the economy is doing so badly, is it? From the recent demand that vaccinated people once again start wearing masks, to the refusal to end inflated unemployment benefits encouraging people to stay home and avoid going back to work, America is not back on track and the country knows it’s Biden’s fault.