New Plan To Rehabilitate Prince Andrew Unveiled

( Following a trainwreck TV interview in which he sought to refute Virginia Giuffre’s allegations against him, Prince Andrew resigned from his official positions in 2019.

In the same interview, Andrew also failed to distance himself from pervert Jeffrey Epstein.

A new edition of Newsweek’s The Royal Report podcast claims that recent developments in the alleged effort to repair Andrew’s public image after assault accusations made by Giuffre have gone down a “very strange tunnel.” Newsweek’s lead royal reporter, Jack Royston, described how “the push to rehabilitate Andrew is simply becoming crazy.”

Andrew remains out of the public eye and consistently ranks as the least popular member of his family, despite reports that he has tried to move toward a public comeback, most notably in June 2022 when his request to participate in the annual garter day ceremony at Windsor Castle was allegedly blocked by King Charles and Prince William.

The prince was accused of illicit assault by Giuffre in 2021; the case was eventually resolved out of court in 2022, despite the prince’s insistence that the claims were untrue.

Before the lawsuit’s resolution, it was revealed that the prince had lost his military patronage and would no longer use the title “His Royal Highness,” with Queen Elizabeth II’s blessing.

In recent weeks, Ghislaine Maxwell, now serving a 20-year jail term for trafficking girls for Epstein’s pleasure, and her family has worked to refute Giuffre’s allegations against Andrew.

In a jail interview, Maxwell said that a vital picture of the former prince and Giuffre was phony and that a photo supplied by her family was an effort to refute charges that Andrew and Giuffre had intercourse in a bathtub.

The podcast reported that Ghislaine Maxwell emerged from prison and spoke to TalkTV about Prince Andrew last week, claiming that his well-known photo with Virginia Giuffre was fake.

“And now we have a really bizarre front page of one of Britain’s most-read broadsheets, The Daily Telegraph, which shows a photo that we’re led by the newspaper to believe sort of exonerates Prince Andrew,” the broadcast said.

The image was published in a story in the newspaper with a headline that claimed the picture exonerated Andrew.